Keyword Mapping

I will analyse your website to figure out what keywords are relevant for your sales and worth focusing on

Content Strategy

I will make a list of what content you will need to focus on writing

From € 1000/DKK 7.500


“SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. These optimisation practices help any website to get found on Google, and so by any person searching for any keyword relevant connected to your website.

Yes. SEO is a necessary part of online marketing. Without any proper SEO, your website will be hard to find on Google, which means people won’t find it and you won’t manage to sell your product or your service.

Be aware that SEO is not maths. It’s a process that takes time, analysis and work, but that gives great results in the long run.

Paid Ads are a tricky business.  They can get very expensive in the long run, especially for high competitive keywords, and won’t always work.

For the same price of 1 month of Ads, you can often get multiple months of SEO, which will give better results in terms of awareness.

Also, the moment you will stop paying the ads, they will stop working. SEO, instead, gives results that will last longer in time.