Setting the foundations

To get started, I will set up your web address and an hosting for your website

*Yearly fee to hosting company

You will get a few personalised e-mail addresses to use for your website (e.g.

I will setup pages on your brand new website (e.g. Home, About, Blog/Service, Shop, Contacts)

I will create the top and bottom of your website, with your logo, navigation menu, social media icons, etc.

Your Shop setup

I will setup your online shop, where you can sell physical, digital products and gift cards

Your shop will have the option of having discount codes and other promotional services

  • Bank Cards*
  • Paypal*

*Different fees to payment services

How are your customers getting their purchases? I will setup the different options (Shipping, Click & Collect, Local Delivery)

Of course you will need a tool to keep track of your sales details! I will set that up for you.

The tool you need to keep track of your inventory, reorder stock from your suppliers, and more.

Connecting Everything

I will setup a few extra tools that you’ll need to keep track of your website’s performance and to improve it

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest… Whatever you have, I can connect it to your website!

Do you want to send newsletter to your customers? We can set it up!


You will get a screen-recording in which I will explain to you how to use your website for day-to-day things

I won’t leave you alone! I will be there to help you after your website is up and running

From € 1000/DKK 7.500


What are you selling?

If you need help with adding products to your webshop, I can help. Depending on how many products you sell, I have different options.

Contact me for more information

Do you also sell offline?

If you have a physical shop or you sell your products in markets/fairs, you will benefit from having both your website and your offline sales synchronised and connected to your stock  levels. We can set this up!

Let the world find you

A good website without the right content is hard to find on Google. And a website that can’t be found doesn’t sell. That’s why you need SEO.
I offer SEO services too:

SEO Strategy Service

SEO Content Writing (only Italian and English languages)